For all the days.

Death, dear to my heart,
don't abandon me, protect me,
and don't let ____name____
have one moment of peace;
keep him restless and bothered
with the thought of me always.

(*Say Three Our Fathers*)

Most Holy Death
The favours that you have to grant me:
Make me overcome all
difficulties so that for me
nothing is impossible,
no obstacles, barriers,
no enemies, that no one
does me any harm,
that everyone is my friend
and that I am victorious
in all my dealings and things I do;
May my house be filled with all the good
virtues of your protection.

(*Three Our Fathers*)

Death Saint, my great treasure,
never go away from me at any time:
You ate bread and gave me bread, and
as you are the powerful owner of
the dark mansion of life and
Empress of darkness, I want
you to grant me the favour that
___name___ is at my feet
humiliated and repentant
and that he never leaves my
side when I need him, and that
you make me get what was
promised to me.

(*Three Our Fathers*)

Jesus Christ Conqueror who on the cross
was conquered, conquer ____name____
that he is overcome by me.  In the
name of God, you are a ferocious animal;
you will come back to me as a   
tame sheep, mild as the Rosemary flower.
Adored Death, I implore you
earnestly that with this titanic force
that God gave you, instill in
____name's____ heart
that he has eyes for no one but
me, and that I am his everything,
that you grant me this which I ask,
having great faith in this Novena,
and I light a candle every Tuesday
of every week at twelve midnight.

(*Three Our Fathers*)  

Dear Death: I ask you with
all my heart,
that as God made you
Immortal, and the powerful owner and
Queen of the Darkness Unknown
that with your great powers,
which you have over all mortals,
make ____name____ unable to
eat at any table or sit in any chair and
grant that he has no peace; I wish that he
obliged to be humble and devoted
at my feet and that he never again
goes away from me.

(*Three Our Fathers*)

Glorious and Powerful Death,
taking advantage of your kindness,
as my protector and owner, I ask this
favour: As the invicible madam that
you are, I beg that you make
____name____ so that he can't enjoy
around, so hat he can't walk or eat with
other women,
cor sleep unless he's at my
side. Grant that his thoughts are about
me only, by his own choice,
and that he gives me the happiness
of having all of his love.

(*Three Our Fathers*)

Oh Sovereign Lady! In that the
Holy Trinity in our Eternal Father
has blinded the life of all mortals
to the fact that you will come
to everyone sooner or later,
whether rich or poor or
in youth, who does to us all the same,
old, young, child;
we enter your domain of death
when God decrees.
I implore you that ____name____
more is much in love with me, not just
for physical beauty, but also
for my soul, and that he comes to me
faithful, submissive, kneeling at my feet.

(*Three Our Fathers*)

Liberate me from all evil, and
with the titanic power with which
God endowed you, make it so
that we enjoy eternal
heavenly nightless days.
Protector and owner: I beg you
to grant me the favors I request
in these prayers.
I ask that _______________________.

(*Three Our Fathers*)

Miraculous and Majestic Death:
I ask that with your immense power
you return my beloved,
____name____. Don't let him for one
be sociable or tranquil
with anyone he comes across; neither with
friends nor with women may he be at ease.
Grant that while sleeping, he thinks of me,
and that he listens to the
words I say to you in his sleep,
and that he does what I ask.

(*Three Our Fathers*)

Blessed Protector Death:
By the virtues that God gave you
I ask that you free me from all
evil, danger, and sickness
and that instead you give
MONEY, that you give me friends
and freedom from my enemies,
also making ____name____
come before me, humbled
to ask my forgiveness, humble as a
sheep, keeping his promises and
always loving and submissive.

(*Three Our Fathers*)
this prayer was made from http://www.luckymojo.com/santisimamuerte.html